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Top 10 International Drinks & Cocktail Recipes
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Mixing up some international drinks is a great way to explore the world without ever having to leave home. If you’re looking to throw a themed party, including cocktails that work with the cuisine you plan to serve can elevate your event from simply fun to something truly memorable. Trying out a few cocktail recipes from around the globe makes a great date night activity, while themed international drinks are a fantastic way to complement a romantic meal centered around your partner’s favorite cuisine. And of course, mixing up a batch of international drinks with friends is an affordable way to "travel" the world together without having to pay for plane tickets! Whether you’re looking to impress a date, have fun with friends, or just update your bartending skills, our roundup of international cocktails has something for everyone. Check out the recipes below and please enjoy responsibly!

#1 Caipirinha (Brazil)


The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. This refreshing drink is made with limes, sugar, ice, and cachaça, a Brazilian distilled liquor. An early version of the caipirinha was used to treat sickness, but over time the drink evolved into the popular cocktail that’s enjoyed all across Brazil today. It pairs especially well with BBQ food. Want to try it out for yourself at home?

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#2 Pisco Sour (Peru)

Pisco Sour

This light and citrusy cocktail was developed in the 1920’s by an American bartender in Lima, Peru. It contains a mixture of simple syrup, key lime juice, pisco, and angostura bitters; egg whites create the classic frothy top. This drink is so popular that it is considered the national cocktail of both Peru and Chile! Want to learn how to mix one up yourself?

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#3 Negroni (Italy)


This Italian cocktail was accidentally invented by Count Camillo Negroni, who liked to order a stronger and more personalized version of the Americano cocktail. Served with a slice of orange and made with three different types of liquor, this elevated Italian classic packs quite punch, so be sure to enjoy it responsibly! Ready to learn how to make this Italian drink at home?

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#4 Boulevardier (France)


The Boulevardier is a French cocktail created by the founder of a magazine of the same name that was written for 1920s expats in Paris. Loosely translated, boulevardier means “man about town.” The name perfectly matches the spirit of this sophisticated, strong cocktail. Want to try making this French classic for yourself?

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#5 Hemingway Daiquiri (Cuba)

Hemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri was invented in 1921 by Constantino Ribalaigua of El Floridita in Havana in honor of Ernest Hemingway. The drink adds the subtly sweet, dry flavor of cherry and the tart taste of grapefruit to the classic daiquiri mix of rum and lime. Simple syrup is optional for added sweetness. Ready to learn how to make your own version of this famous drink?

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#6 Paloma (Mexico)


This popular Mexican cocktail is made with grapefruit juice, tequila, lime juice, and club soda. If you want to balance out the drink’s innate tartness, you can add a little agave. Ready to learn how to mix up this light and refreshing cocktail?

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#7 Dark & Stormy (Bermuda)

Dark and Stormy

Invented in Bermuda, this easy-to-make cocktail requires just two ingredients: dark rum and ginger beer. For authenticity, we recommend using Gosling’s black rum and adding plenty of ice to the glass. You’ll also want to garnish yours with a lime wedge for that “just stepped off the beach” flair. Ready to learn how to make this Bermudian cocktail at home?

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#8 Mojito (Cuba)


This refreshing drink pairs well with many meals and also tastes great on its own! Want to learn how to make an authentic mojito? The secret to this Cuban cocktail is to use aromatic bitters, muddle the mint properly, and avoid leaving the lime peel in the drink. Ready to give it a shot?

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#9 Porto Tonico (Portugal)

Porto Tonico

This Portuguese cocktail combines port wine (feel free to use any white or red variety that you'd like) with tonic. Add in a slice of orange and a sprig of mint for garnish, and you have a refreshing, bubbly cocktail to sip! Ready to learn how to make this beloved Portuguese drink at home?

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#10 White Sangria (Spain)

White Sangria

Made with sweet Spanish white wine, fresh fruit, brandy, flavored liquor, sugar, and sparkling water, it’s surprisingly easy to whip up a pitcher of this refreshing Spanish cocktail. Whether you’re looking to cool off from the heat or looking for a taste of summer amidst the bitter chill of winter, this cocktail is a great choice! Want to learn how to make a batch at home?

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